Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hundreds will come, few will enter

Random picture having nothing to do with anything- I just thought it was cool.
It looks like I posted the world's hardest blog contest. In the last 24 hours, we had 56 people come check out the new contest- and no one enter.

Hmm. Is it too hard? Is it because most of those people haven't read Alvor? Is it because they borrowed it, or checked it out from the library and don't have their own copy?
Is it really because no one wants to win The Everafter?

Do I tell them all how to cheat? It's not that hard, in fact, linked to this very blog is a site that gives you the actual view of the first good little part of the book and it includes page numbers- but you would have to figure out which link it is on your own.

And, the selfish side of me is okay if none of you enter. This book is being donated for the contest and I'm sure I could be perfectly happy keeping it all to myself.

On a totally different subject- I've been jumping ship from the plans I made a year ago. At first I felt guilty for doing it. After I finished writing the sequel book to Alvor, I went back and diligently started working on a novel I started a year ago. Things were going perfectly, and then something happened.

I realized I needed to write a different book. Completely different. Still young adult, but so different from what I usually write that I felt guilty and embarrassed for even trying. But it's a great story and I'm already addicted to it. Another new novel!

Whatever happened to finishing what I started? I'm one of those that can't stand unfinished projects, but I'm doing it AGAIN. Now I'm not sure if I should let guilt guide the ship and go back to the first unfinished piece, or if I should ride this new story until it's done.

I'm thinking ride the new story. Maybe when I get done with this new adventure I'll come back to the old one and finally finish it- but I have the feeling I'll be writing the third book to Alvor by then.

Jeff Savage just posted a blog about not feeling guilty about what you're writing- and I'm taking that as my ticket out of caring too much that I'm changing course right in middle of the journey.

So, if anyone does decide to enter the contest- the good news is you have an excellent chance of winning. I'm even considering upping the ante and offering a second new title and having two winners. We'll see if there are enough commited takers first. Good luck to you all.


Jill & Jared said...

I think the big problem is everyone is so busy this time of year! I was/am going to do it, but my copy of Alvor is in my room and my husband is sleeping right now! I just gotta pick it up and do the work! I've just been REALLY REALLY busy lately. Driving and flying all over tarnation. Why are the holidays so stressful?

Laura said...

Thanks for letting me know that. Now I really do want to come up with something extra fun to throw in there. If it's that much work, maybe there should be more reward involved.

Hmmm, we could add chocolate, a Christmas Cd, another book- what does everyone think?

L.T. Elliot said...

I say keep working on the fun book. If it's fun, you'll work on it. Not so fun, you might not finish it. It's easier with passion (and yes, you'll have to work either way) but sometimes it's nice just to play a little.

LouMac said...

Haha! Sorry I looked at the contest, but didn't enter because I had to quickly go somewhere and then forgot about it. I don't really have a favorite sentence. I like the whole book!!!! So I get the best sentence (obviously!)

Since I can't really single one out, here is paragraph that I really liked. It's probably what got me into Alvor because it was so descriptive and made me feel like I was there...

"The walls were made of the same gray and white granite as the stairs. Specks of mineral reflected in the lamp light on the marbled walls. She touched the cold, flat wall. It felt as smooth as ice. It unexpectedly sparked a memory, as if she had been here before. But before she could grasp it, it was gone."

LouMac said...

Oh crap! I don't have the page #... I lent the book by to my friend just yesterday. (Is "lent" a word? It doesn't sound right...)

Anyways, I know it was in the first few pages...gosh! I'm trying to remember...awww shoot! Oh well. Maybe I'll get it back before the contest ends...

Laura said...

LouMac- Uhm, we'll call your entry safe, even if you did enter it in the wrong post and forgot your page # besides. You get credit for the effort.

Synergy Girl said...

Hey...I am ALL ABOUT the ride!! You are given inspiration for a reason...GO ON I have to tell you that though...!! Thanks for coming to Carter's baptism, it was a really special day for us all, and I know it couldn't be that easy for you with ALL your kids, so I am really greatful that you made the effort to be meant a lot!!