Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Again

It's that time of year- when we get the family together and try to take pictures. Five kids with three five and under = disaster. But, all in all, as long as we keep the photo small so you can't tell how out of focus our do-it-yourself job is, we have a picture to send to the family and friends who want to keep track of us.

And the first thing the kids asked when we finished was- Can I mess up my hair now?

Sure. Go roll around in the snow. We're done.

We're taking pictures outside in the warm sun next time- I'm thinking July instead of December. I thought about sending everyone our Halloween family photo. It's way more entertaining, but we're missing our oldest. His zombie picture came hours later when he finally came home.

I'm sure that would have looked great on a Christmas card.


L.T. Elliot said...

I think you all look pretty darn great. And the zombie? KILLER looking costume. =]

Melissa said...

I love these pictures and can't wait to see what made the final cut. It is a challenge isn't it?

Melissa said...

Hey! I just discovered that that Drashner guy is cousins with good friends of ours that just moved from our ward! :) Small world. She kept recommending we read his books and we keep recommending they read yours.

happy Day. xoxox

Melissa said...

Ack. Dashner. Sorry!!!

Laura said...

Melissa- tell me names! And, you can tell them that James personally recommended my book- it says so right on the back cover.

That's so cool that you are friends with his cousin- and they're right. You SHOULD read his books. They're very good.