Friday, April 2, 2010

A Break from Spring

What do you do when you're getting cabin fever and you can't take the cold weather anymore? Go to a smaller cabin where it's snowing, of course. Isn't it obvious?

You were probably going to say a vacation to the beach or something. I only go there in my dreams, and in books and every once in a while when all the stars align. I love the beach, but let's face it, I live in Idaho with my five kids and I'm not rich.

So, here we are on our Spring Break vacation where I can honestly say I've had a good time. Now I'm going to appreciate the warmer Boise air and I got to do some serious reading. Not bad at all.

Outside we have snow piling up and I'm hoping I'll be able to get home tomorrow. At least we brought the snow chains. Who would have thought we would need them to get back from our Spring Break vacation?

We didn't bring our serious snow gear so we're stuck watching the winter wonderland from the safety of a warm house. The kids have invented the most insane games to stave off their boredom and burn off their extra energy. Who knew how much fun beaded necklaces could be? They've come up with at least a dozen games with them.

And, we ate the biggest cinnamon rolls I've ever seen in my entire life. In McCall they have a pancake shop with a Christmas store there too. With all this snow my two-year-old is begging us to buy her a Christmas tree. It's all so confusing. Everywhere we look it seems like we should be singing Jingle Bells.

Anyway, we're heading back to balmy Boise tomorrow where we can assume there won't be several inches of snow. Rain, hail and wind, but not snowman building supplies.

I still can't believe it's almost Easter. Did I mention how much I love the SUMMER? Ahhhh, warm weather....I can hardly wait.


Synergy Girl said...

That looks like fun...I am still trying to figure out why you didn't pack any snow gear??

Laura said...

Uhm, it wasn't supposed to snow? My girls actually unpacked their tennis shoes and only brought cutesy little pink shoes- the kind that are pointless in six inches of snow.

Yeah, six inches of snow this morning and we didn't even have enough gloves to build a snowman. Or snow boots. Or hats. Yeah, I'm a lousy mom.

We were going to go to an Easter egg hunt at the hotel. We were invited. When we got there we saw the colored plastic eggs scattered in the thick snow all over the parking lot. It was just wrong. We decided to go home and have a real Easter egg hunt at home.

Nate and Robin said...

Tyler is still singing Jingle Bells. It's one of his favorite songs.