Monday, April 12, 2010

A Writing Net

I can't imagine pulling an entire novel together completely alone. Imagine writing an entire story without any outside eyes. It's hard to think of.

I've come to appreciate my own personal writing net. People, sometimes people I've never met, who are willing to read through my work and catch the mistakes that dangle throughout my manuscript.

How does anyone manage without these angels? Who catches the mistakes and keeps the story from falling into pit holes? I don't know how anyone could do it.

And so, I've learned that writing is a two-way street. A little give and take. I've spent hours reading through other people's work and offering comments. A small token for the countless hours they've spent on me. But many times I never really get to repay the service.

A good critique is like gold. The more I get, the richer my story becomes. I am awed by others' ability to find glitches and problems that managed to escape me. Thank goodness the world is populated by people who have the gift of editing and the generous nature to share it.


Dave said...

Well put!


L.T. Elliot said...

I always say that there's no price you can put on a good critique. And writing is so much more of a collected effort than I ever realized. I'm so grateful and humbled by it. So glad to be a part of your net.

Mary Campbell said...

I'm with you. Without feedback my story would be very pathetic. It's through the wonderful critiques I've received that have helped it take shape. I also enjoy critiquing. I learn a lot and I like helping someone else shape their story.

Laura said...

Dave- thanks for stopping by!

LT- can't wait to hear from you!

Mary- I agree. I learn as much from critiquing other people's work as I do getting critiques for my own.

Tahsha said...

Laura, I was in your boot camp. Thank you so much for your input. Your help was invaluable and the things you said hit me in the face like a huge book titled 'Duh!' I've already figured somet things out that will help me in the first few pages, and I can't wait to apply them. Thanks again!