Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm back...

Maybe it just feels like it's been forever. Last weekend was busy!!! We left early in the morning on Friday and headed down to Utah for the CONduit convention.

And I didn't come in costume.

I did, however, get a picture of the very talented Sarah Seiter. She did the artwork for an optioned cover of Alvor. Click here to see more of her art.

My synopsis of the weekend would go something like this.....

Was hugged immediately upon arriving... thanks Julie Wright, for making me feel special.

Shortly after realized that I have no clue how to think like or converse clearly with high-fantasy-fanatics. Gave up trying.

Went to the best author panel discussion there, yeah, because I was on it. Had a blast talking to other writers about everything YA.

Saw James Dashner the next day and actually got maybe five whole minutes to talk to him. He still rocks. I can't wait to read SCORCH TRIALS.

Dragged my husband through the vendors room where all the creepy things were sold. Saw many costumes, some cool, many disturbing. Accepted the fact that I'll never fit in with the costume-clad crowd.

Walked to the Gateway Mall for breakfast and lunch and felt spoiled for staying only one block away.

Then drove home and I've been trying to catch up with my life ever since.

More news to come this week, I promise. But ta ta for now.

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