Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Twas the Day Before December

'Twas the day before December
And all through the house
I've been reconciling November
And I've had my doubts.

may have fallen a little short
Instead of writing the whole ending
I left the ball in their court

The characters took on
A life of their own
Changing my well planned plot
and deepening the tone.

But I'm not disappointed
in how everything went.
It just means I have to
Creatively end.

November had even more
surprises in store.
One of the best was more family
closer to my door.

The snow didn't wait
to make it's grand entrance this year
And thanks to a friend's furnace skills
It's warm again in here.

Now dentist, now doctors, on optomotrist, on visits,
on appointments and papers and forms and more visits.
December is coming in a whip of cold air
And if we're lucky, Merry Christmas soon will be here.


Synergy Girl said...

Wow...I didn't realize that you were a POET TOO...!! COOL...!! It will be interesting what December has in store for all of us....

L.T. Elliot said...

Very creative way to fill us in about November. =D So glad the furnace was fixed, the writing went well, you have family nearby, and you're looking forward to Christmas. *hugs*

How are you feeling?

LouMac said...

That is awesome! I read that and had to reread it because I liked it that much! Nice way to put it. I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing in my run of the month. It's nice to have friends so close. L.T- your question... the same.

Melissa said...

Lovely poem. Trying not to read between the lines. Hope all is well in your winter wonderland. I'm jealous!

kbrebes said...

I hope I win your book. The storyline is enchanting! kbrebes@aol.com

SiNn said...

I love the poem and how u wrote it and i have to say your book sounds awesome wouyld love a chance tor ead it so im enteringa contets to win if i dont im still adding to my wish list