Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kindle

It's for people who want a whole library in the palm of their hand.

And really, who can blame them?

Wings of Light is now available on Kindle and let's face it, it's cheaper than the book version. But I won't be able to sign it for you.

There's one of the down-sides.

What kind of reader are you? Are you a kindle-reader or a paper-reader? I know, there's also all the other brands out there too. I don't mean to leave anyone out.

Me? I'm totally a book reader. It's hard to imagine snuggling up with a kindle and a cup of hot chocolate. It just doesn't give me the same feel.

Sometimes I wish I had one, mostly when I'm away from home. But I know me well enough to know that if I liked the book enough, I would end up buying the paper version anyway. I'm a read-it-again-and-again kind of girl.

I have to be. I can't afford to buy hundreds of new books and until my kids are a little older, I'm not seeing the library as my first option.

And, well, confession... I love books. Love them. They're like having friends in my house. I see the books and not only do they represent the stories inside, but the people who wrote them. My bookshelf is rich with thoughts of others. I love having them there. I love sharing them. It's so much fun to see my kids take to the books on my shelves.

I'm raising kids who think that being in a bookstore might be even better than being in a candy shop. They love books too. My kids told me today that our house is practically overflowing with books. It looks like there's nothing wrong with their imaginations! We don't have that many books, do we?


emmad said...

I used to read paper books only but bought a Kindle in October. Wow what a revelation. I'm spending more now than ever before on books as I get more for my dollar. Also able to store so many without running out of space (ie bookshelf room at home).
Can still easily reread any that I want. Even if I were to eventually run out of space on the Kindle I can archive the files off to a harddrive or some such.

I love the fact that I'm literally carrying a library in my handbag. Stuck in a que no worries just whip out the kindle and read. Finish my current book again no worries just start the next. :)

The only real issue I have with a Kindle is a problem with paperbacks anyway and that's Geo Restrictions. The bane of my life living in New Zealand.

Synergy Girl said...

I was just thinking about that concept the other just doesn't seem as "cozy" to read a Kindle...BUT...I do think it would be nice...better than taking your whole quad to church...taking up half of the diaper bag...nope, it would just take up the space of like one diaper...I could dig that...but you're totally right...nothing replaces having the hard copy....and maybe a signature too...!!!!!

C R Ward said...

I want a Kindle so bad I can taste it!

Laura said...

That leaves me wondering exactly what a Kindle tastes like. I'm thinking plastic.

But there are times I would LOVE to have one too!