Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Reviews

Book Reviews are an interesting thing.

First of all, what qualifications does a person have to have to do a book review?

None. Other that hopefully reading your book.

Do book reviews have an impact?

Absolutely. With the internet now at the fingertips of the world, we are able to communicate with masses with very little effort.

Example: Go to, post a review, choose a star rating and bam, the entire universe can now read what you have to say. Seriously.

Are book reviews important? Do authors need them?

Big yes. Without reviews, it seems as though no one has taken the time to read your book, even though reviews cannot possibly reflect the entire population of people who have.

Positive reviews ensure future readers that their choice is worthwhile. Negative reviews leave potential readers skeptical.

Do people pay attention to book reviews?

Definitely. I am still getting comments about the book reviews left for Alvor. It's as though those reviews shade how the reader goes into my book.

As a consumer, I constantly read reviews. I want to know what the positives are, along with the negatives. I want to buy products with my eyes open. I admit, when it comes to book reviews I have a different slant. Not all books are for everyone. If someone reads a book that they're not thrilled with, it does not necessarily mean that I won't like it... or my kids. In fact, I have found many reviews for books that I don't agree with.

Do authors want people to review their books?

YES!!!!! As has been said again and again, even bad press is press. The more people read and review books, the more others' interest will peak. Reviews help books find their way into more hands.

So please take time to review books. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, goodreads, blogs, etc.- there are many options.

And be thoughtful as you write your reviews. Authors are people too.

Remember that once a book is published, it can't be changed. Offering critiques to the author once a book is out is like telling a peach tree to grow apples. The only thing a writer has control over are books that aren't published yet. If you're good at reviews, contact publishing houses and ask for ARCs. These advance reader copies are a way to reach into the publishing world before everything is set in stone.

Okay, did I motivate you yet? Now read Wings of Light and write a review for me. Please!

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