Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Writing

I read an agent's bio where she said she was not impressed by authors who blog, facebook, twitter, do linkedin or Goodreads. She said that if a writer was doing all that, when were they writing?

While I respectfully disagree with her opinion that writers should not utilize the internet to market, it is important to write.

The fact is, even when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about it. It's a hovering thought that follows me around. If I'm in middle of writing a story, I ponder what events should happen next and how that will affect the characters.

If I'm editing, I think about that.

And, when I have finished a manuscript, I think about what I might want to write next.

The fact is, although a writer must take time to write, one cannot sit and do nothing else all day. I often think it's the time away from a piece of work that makes the piece any good at all. It's when I'm thinking about it that fresh ideas come. Yes, that happens while I'm writing too, but I look at the bigger picture so much better when I don't have a computer screen in front of me.

To write, one must live. I believe that.

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Write On!


B.K. Bostick said...

Totally agree. You can't force good ideas. They seem to come on their own accord, usually when you're wandering down the junk food aisle in the grocery store. Too true, you must live to write and write to live (whoa that's deep).

Laura said...

I take it you spend a lot of time in the junk food aisle of the store. Is that where the muses hang out?

B.K. Bostick said...

All I can say is that Starburst unlooses the juice! Except yellow- I'd rather eat dirt.