Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Aftermath

It was amazing. The sun was shining and it was almost warm outside. Beautiful.

It seemed like it was going to be a typical Easter. Saturday was wonderfully uneventful. Until 10:00 PM when my husband called and said that he forgot to call speakers for church the next day. Okay. I ended up going to bed at 1:00 AM. Some of my kids are night owls like me, and even though I put them to bed at a decent time, they are often found wandering the house until late. So I was waiting for everyone to go to sleep to fill the Easter baskets.

But I was going to get to sleep in on Sunday. It would be fine. 7:30 AM rolls around and the kids are making all kinds of noise. They got up early on Sunday because they knew that there would be an Easter surprise waiting for them. Maybe next year I'll wait until after church to give them their candy. Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that before?

Honestly, the talk part wasn't that bad. I got to sit by my husband and hold his hand for most of the meeting, and my friend was watching my sugar hyped kids. If anything, it was a really nice Easter present for me.

So, we got home, had a super fast dinner- thanks to pre-cooked ham- and attempted to have some of the little people take a nap. Around 6:00 we did the annual Easter egg hunt in the pasture. We haven't let the three mini-horses in the pasture for over a month just for this. The fewer horse pies, the better.

Everything was going pretty well until the neighbor's dog decided she wanted to eat our little maltese. It was a puppy black lab, and somehow in her enthusiasm, she managed to wiggle under the broken fence. My normally fearless-of-dogs- kids thought that if the black dog wanted to eat our puppy, she probably wanted to eat them too. Lots of screaming. It took a few minutes to catch the lab and the neighbor managed to get her back home.

So we relocated to the front yard. Safe, right? No dogs to terrorize innocent children. It's amazing what kids find when they're looking for eggs. In this case, it was three snakes warming themselves. Yuck. Not a big snake fan.

But here we are, the morning after. The front of the house is littered with candy wrappers and plastic eggs. And toys. And we're back to normal. And you know what? It was a good Easter.

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Synergy Girl said...

Hey....Horse pies make Easter all the squishier!! Snakes...?? I would have DIED...!! Just wrap me up and call me Indi...I don't do snakes...!! Happy Easter Sis...!!