Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook Delinquent

I've heard other people talk about it, it's the new great thing. Everybody's doing it. If you want people to know who you are, you need to do it too. So I decided to take the plunge and join Facebook.

I didn't realize that my computer would hate me for it. Every time I load it- yes, I have dial-up Internet- my whole computer crashes. I end up waiting for that spare moment when I can hijack my husband's laptop with wireless so I can catch up with what's going on.

At least the messages go to my e-mail account, so I know when people are trying to talk to me. Like today when my sister and my sister-in-law tagged me for the ABC thing so that in about a month I could get something on Facebook that resembled the alphabet. Right. I'm doing it here, so Tamra and Robin, this one's for you.

A- I Adore, Admire and am Awed by the Awesomeness of my husband.
B- Books are my favorite way to spend time alone.
C- Clogging rocks. I'm addicted to it. That's why I teach it out of a studio in my backyard.
D- Dance. I know, I already mentioned it, but... I have taught Clogging, Irish Step Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and been a Drill Team Coach. I have taken Modern, Highland Dance, Ballroom and various Folk Dances.
E- Everyday. I try everyday to make today better than yesterday.
F- Family and Friends. I need to work on making more friends and getting to know my family better. That's why I'm going to need to live until I'm a hundred years old.
G- Girly girls. I never thought I could get into the girly stuff, but now I have two girls of my own, and they are as girly as it gets. They love princess dresses, dolls, shoes and necklaces.
H- Hope and Happiness and Home. I hope therefore I'm happy, and whether it's neat or messy, I LOVE MY HOME.
I- Ice cream. I love it. My favorite flavor is burnt almond fudge.
J- Jewelry. Everyday I wear my watch, two rings, a bracelet and earrings.
K- Kindergarten. Yeah! Next year my twins get to go to Kindergarten!!!!
L- Laura. I was named after my dad's ex-girlfriend. Nostalgic, huh, but I love the name. And, for the record, my sisters' names are Tonia, Tamra and Tara. I guess I didn't fit the mold.
M- My Maiden name is Madenford. It's so much easier being a Bingham. People can actually say it and spell it.
N- Not a Neat Freak, not a cook, not a shopper.
O- Optimistic. Second Oldest. Orthopedic knee surgeries.
P- Peace and
Q- Quiet. I love quiet. I write best when it's quiet and I learn best when there are no distracting sounds.
R- Reading. I don't get to read as much as I would like. Right now, excluding my own work, I read 30 minutes a day while I work out.
S-School Science Teacher. That's what I was before I was a busy mom.
T- Travel. I love to travel. I haven't been out of the country as much as I would like, but I have seen Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and about half the states in America.
U- Upstairs. I've never owned a house with an upstairs.
V- I learned to play the Violin in sixth grade, but haven't touched one since. Maybe someday...
W- Walks outside on a nice day are my absolute favorite. And, of course, I love Writing.
X- Lots of X-rays on my right leg, eight knee surgeries.
Y- My kids are Young, and I love them so much. If there is anything as beautiful in the entire world as an innocent child, I have yet to see it.
Z- Zoom zoom. That's what I tell my kids when I want them to hurry.

Did you actually read all the way through the list? That's incredible. Now go and write your own ABC's. See if the same thing happens for you as it did for me. When you get to around letter H, you realize that your life isn't that interesting and you start to wonder if maybe you could use the Hawaiian alphabet instead.

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