Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hope is...

With April moving at an injured snail's pace, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Hope is....

-realizing that no matter how many people you don't get a chance to talk to, you're not alone.

-writing almost everyday because you are going to sell that second book, after your first one has taken off like wildfire.

-seeing how many people you have never met in states you've never been to that come to your blog spot to either commiserate, laugh with you or learn.

-doing the laundry even though you know darn well it's just going to pile up again.

-walking outside to get the mail and noticing that the buds on the magnolia tree are blooming even though there still aren't any leaves.

-doing your hair and make-up even though the only people that will see you that day are your husband, kids and dog.

-getting through the next ten minutes because they might be even better than the last.

-laughing with people

- being proud of others' accomplishments even when your own don't begin to compare

-finding something funny in something that makes you nervous, scared or horrified

-realizing that you already have tons of good things in your life

-getting up in the morning and starting over sure you're going to be even smarter, brighter, happier and better than the day before.

Here's to hope. I know we all could use a little more.

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Synergy Girl said...

You are a writer...!! wow...!! You know...I had always wanted to go up and try Snowboarding, but never had the opportunity, and then Brian surprised me, and it has been like a whole new world that I didn't know existed!! I would love to go up with you sometime, and show ya how NOT to ride down on your backside!! Cause beleive me...that's what I spent the first few times doing!!!