Monday, April 6, 2009

"Your Future is as Bright as your Faith"

It's my quote for the year. Is that good, or what? I love it. President Thomas S. Monson said that yesterday. Easy to remember, easy to apply. I know that right now the world is a scary place. Life is hard.

And yet, it's not that bad. The flip side of the bad stuff is how many really good things we have in our life. Everyone does. I think the people that realize their blessings the most are the ones who are dragged to their limits. It's an interesting thing. Maybe the ones dragged to their limits are also on their knees. It's hard to not be thankful when you start to think about what's good in your life.

And then there's the law of the harvest. You can't get something for nothing. I love that too. Maybe it's because I've been working so hard and hoping that someday it will pay off. I don't expect something for nothing, I'm sort of hoping for at least a little something for a whole lot of work. The funny thing about putting your whole heart into your work is that there is a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. It might not be in the form of a dollar, but you still get something for it.

What can I say? It was an inspiring weekend.

Now that it's Monday, I'm trying to get my head back in the game. I think the next couple weeks are going to feel like a whirlwind, followed by a month of sitting around and waiting again. I'm going to see my edited proof anytime now. Kinda nervous. I have no idea how much is changed. But I'm optomistic. Forever hoping, always believing.

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