Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Press Day

Today's the day. I wish I had some artwork to show you, but I haven't seen my cover yet. I'm starting to think I'll see it when I see my book for the first time. So here's hoping for the best.

But, consolation prize, this is how the title will actually appear in the book. I know. You are super impressed.

I thought it was cool.

In three to four weeks the book will be out! It seems like forever. The time might fly for you, but everyday seems to be getting longer around here, and it's not because I'm getting a ton done.

Today is an important day for a lot of people. Tax day. My more favorite way to celebrate is my sister-in-law's birthday. I love her. Mitzi has more talent in one little finger than I'm ever going to have. Her oldest daughter started clogging with me almost seventeen years ago. Wow, I must be old. Eventually Mitzi decided to learn how to clog too.

It wasn't long before she became one of my teachers. She is amazing with kids. And costumes. She designed my costumes for almost all the years I've owned the Boise Cloggers. She moved to Rigby, Idaho over a year ago and I've been on my own to figure out costumes since.

I miss her, and not just because I lost my costume designer and my teacher- she is just an amazing person. She and her daughters came to my house to dance every week. Her then fourteen year old daughter was the first one to read Alvor. She would come in every week and read what I had written and offer suggestions and comments. For the record, she is responsible for inventing the Living Garden. You'll understand what that is when you read the book.

So, their off to the other side of Idaho dancing and blessing lives over there. I'm still selfish enough to wish they were here instead.

But, happy birthday Mitzi! I won't tell anyone how young you are.

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mitzi said...

You are too kind to me...and selling yourself short on the talent thing! I miss you too--thanks for the wonderful tribute! Kiss Kate "Happy Birthday" for me tomorrow!